1) First of all you will need purchase cPanel license for server IP address, where you want to install panel.

You can do this on this page on our site: сPanel/WHM.

It is better to plain install сPanel/WHM. For example, if you install сPanel/WHM on VPS ordered on oursite, you need to choose a template with the “Minimal” label in the template description.



It is needed in order to avoid difficulties with the missing components and to avoid errors about unsatisfied dependences. In that case сPanel/WHM will install all needed components on its own.

2) Access your server via SSH. To get SSH access with Windows, you can usePuTTY.

3) Go to home catalog using the following command:

 cd /home

4) If wget can is not installed by default, install it:

 yum install wget

5) After that download cPanel install package on your server:

 wget -N http://httpupdate.cpanel.net/latest

6) After finishing the download, run installation with the following command:

 sh latest

After performing mentioned actions the installation of cPanel will begin. It is a long time process and can take up to 30-90 minutes.

After finishing the installation you will get a message in console that сPanel/WHMis successfully installed on your server, such as:

cPanel install finished in 83 minutes and 38 seconds!
Congratulations! Your installation of cPanel & WHM 11.42 is now complete. The next step is to configure your server. 
Before you configure your server, ensure that your firewall allows access on port 2087.
On RHEL, CentOS, and CloudLinux systems, execute /scripts/configure_rh_firewall_for_cpanel to accomplish this.
After ensuring that your firewall allows access on port 2087, you can configure your server.
1. Open your preferred browser
2. Type https://ip_your_server:2087 in the address bar
3. Enter the word root in the Username text box
4. Enter your root password in the Password text box
5. Click the Login button
Visit http://go.cpanel.net/whminit for more information about first-time configuration of your server.
Visit http://support.cpanel.net or http://go.cpanel.net/whmfaq for additional support
Thank you for installing cPanel & WHM 11.42!
Next you will need to perform the tune of panel via browser by clicking the link in a message: https://ip_your_server:2087, username root and user password root

While configurating for the first time, every step is descripted in the panel.

After installing and tuning you will have your сPanel/WHMready for work.