Domain parking is the creation of DNS-records for the domain, that will connect it to the hosting (or a VPS, or a server) that contains the files for the website on that domain.

How to park a domain at Unihost

In order to park a domain that was bought at another registrar at Unihost name-servers, you need to change the DNS records for the domain to and Usually, this can be done through the Client Area at your registrar’s website. Using the Name-servers at Unihost is free.

How to park a Unihost-registered domain to other provider’s servers

In order to park a domain, you need to create the DNS-records. To create or change the DNS-records, follow the manual How to update the DNS records.

How to create a parking page

If you do not plan to create a website on the domain at the moment, you can create a parking page in Unihost Client Area. Usually, it’s a page that says “Website under construction”.