True Business ID is GeoTrust SSL certificate with the extended check of your organization. Its registration can take up to 10 working days, if there is no need to check your organization’s data additionaly.

True Business ID (GeoTrust SSL)

The True BusinessID certificate ensures complete safe work on the Internet. It is a comprehensive method of data encryption and
confirming the legality of it, website protection and fraud prevention. True Business ID has a standard blue background of the address bar

True Business ID with EV (GeoTrust SSL)

The extended validation certificate. Web sites secured with an EV certificate have a green address bar to show customers that they are on the site, which meets the highest safety standards. Microsoft Internet Explorer displays the green address bar, as well as new versions of browsers Firefox and Opera. Also displays the names of organizations: the website owner and certification center (CA) that issued the certificate. With the green address bar, the browser informs your website visitors that website was severely tested and all data transmitted between the visitor and the website is secure.

This EV certificate requires more careful authentication process to be sure that any certified organization is truly existing. For fraudsters is very difficult to falsify the green address bar with the organization’s name and GeoTrust as the certification authority. These two main aspect of the EV standard combine to create a solid defense against “fishing” fraud.

True Business ID Wildcard certificate (GeoTrust SSL)

Wildcard SSL certificate protects several domains, if they are placed on the same physical server and has the same IP that are used as the sub-domain address.

For example, if you need to protect a web-site:

and 3 sub-domains of your main website:

You can order GeoTrust SSL with Extended Validation at our website: