Unihost affiliate program pays a percent from every purchase made by a customer that’s been referred to this website by an affiliate.

How to become an affiliate

Both physical and legal entities can become Unihost affiliates.

  1. Go through a free registration and get your 5$ bonus.
  2. Receive all necessary promotion materials.
  3. Generate a referral link and place it on your website, in blog or on forums.
  4. Get a percent from purchases made by those, who clicked your link (your referrals).
  5. Withdraw money to WebMoney, PayPal, Perfect Money, bank accounts or cards.
    • Minimal withdraw amount — 10$. 

Terms and conditions

Affiliates receive payments for:

  • Every new purchase from a referral.
    • If the referral hadn’t puchased anything, they get a cookie in their browser. If they purchase anything in 90 days, affiliate still gets paid.

Affiliates receive payment only for the first order made by the referral. Although, if the referral clicks the referral link again, affiliate will receive payment for their next order.

What payment can the affiliates expect

  • 70% from the virtual hosting purchase;
  • 30% from the VPS purchase;
  • 15% from the dedicated server purchase.

Overall, the payment depends on the number of the referrals. Our best affiliates withdraw $1100 per month.