To add a domain to CloudVPS you should do the next.

  1. Log in to your control panel – https://IP_ADDRESS:1500/ispmgr
  2. Сlick on WWW-domains under the WWW tab.
  3. Сlick on Add.add domain
  4. Enter the next details.add domain

Name – Enter the name that the domain will be available at.
Aliases – Enter the additional names that also lead to your domain. For example, and more.example.come.
Root – directory. Leave the default value.
IP address – By default, it is the IP address for the server where your hosting account is located. If you change it, the domain will be unlinked from the website on the hosting.
Administrator email – The contact address will be displayed on the error pages.
Encoding – The symbol table is used for all the WWW-domain’s pages by default.
Index page – List of filenames that will be provided when the URL is accessed without a specified filename. If you leave it empty, global settings will be used.
Secure connection (SSL) – Select an SSL certificate that will be used for this WWW-domain. You can also create a new self-signed certificate.

5. Enter Additional features.

additional features

PHP – Check the box to activate PHP for this WWW-domain.
PHP mode – Select the PHP mode for this WWW-domain.
CGI-scripts – Check the box to enable PHP as CGI for this WWW-domain.

6. Enable logging.


7. Hit the button Ok.

You have successfully added a domain to the control panel.