If you need to add a new domain name to the web hosting go to “Domain names” menu in your ISPmanager control panel.

Click on “Create” button and fill out the form:

Add domain on web hosting

Domain name – enter the domain name you want to add to the web hosting.

IP address you get automatically, it depends on the server where your web hosting is located. If you change this address, your domain will be not connected with the website.

Name servers. You do not need to do anything. We automatically update the domain name’s DNS (it can take about 10 minutes).

Attention! If you registered your domain elsewhere you will have to update your domain’s nameservers using control panel of your registrar. Unihost NS are ns1.skydns.net and ns2.skydns.net.

Mail servers:we recommend not to change settings by default if you are hesitating.

Create WWW domain: match the field to make your domain name available via Internet and users may see your web pages from their browsers. The WWW domain will be created automatically.

Create a mail domain: match the field to create mailboxes in the domain with such name.