If you have moved your website to a different hosting company, you will have to change your domain’s DNS servers.

How to change the DNS servers on Unihost

  1. Log into the Client Area.
  2. Click on Products/Services.upload_3_31_2017_at_11_24_13_AM
  3. Click Domains.
  4. Choose the necessary domain and click Domain details.upload_3_31_2017_at_11_24_48_AM
  5. Go to Domain management tab.upload_3_31_2017_at_11_25_24_AM
  6. Click Name-servers (DNS)
  7. Check Custom name-servers.
  8. Type the new DNS servers addresses and click Save.

DNS change usually takes up to 48 hours. If your domain is on the fourth level (for example, kr.ua), the change can take even longer, because the zone administrator may have to approve it manually.


If you have any difficulties, contact us: [email protected]