How to generate CSR request in ISPManager 4? Go to “World Wide Web” -> “SSL certificates” and press “Generate” button.

Choose the type of certificate “request” and fill the correspondent fields:

How to generate CSR in ISPManager 4?

Specify the data necessary to create the CSR request.

Certificate name — you may use a random name but we recommend to use your domain name.

The length of the key — it must be 2048 bits, otherwise your CSR request will not be valid and you will not be able to obtain an SSL certificate.

Country code — two letter code of the country where you live. For example: “US”, “GB” etc.

State/Province — enter the name of the state or province where you live.

City — city where you live

Company — your company name. If you order a certificate for a person, enter the domain name.

Department — specify the department of your company that is responsible for a certificate purchasing, e.g., IT or Support Department.

Domain name — select “other”

Standard name (CN) – specify the domain name

Alternative names -leave this field blank

Wildcard — match the box if you are going to purchase a Wildcard certificate.

E-mail — type your e-mail to receive the notification on issuance of certificate. It is desirable to associate this email with the domain for which the certificate is ordered: it can be the postal address on the domain or e-mail listed in the whois database of the domain as an administrative.

Press”Ок” and you will see the created request in the list. To copy the code of the CRS request press “Download” button. The copied text (including BEGIN and END tags) paste to the field of the SSL certificate order on our website.