To install 1C-Bitrix on web hosting you have first to create a domain name for the website. If the domain has already been added to the section “Domain names”, then proceed to step 2.

1. Create a database which is necessary for the correct installation of 1C-Bitrix CMS. Go to “Instruments” menu in the control panel -> “Domain names” and press “Create a domain” button.

Enter a name of the database using Latin alphabet, specify the encoding of the database (most often it is cp1251 or utf8), enter the username and password using Latin alphabet. To create the password you can use “Password Generator”.Установка 1С-Битрикс на хостинг Save the password!

Установка 1С-Битрикс на хостинг

2.Upload the 1C-Bitrix installation archive to web hosting. To download it see the official website 1C-Bitrix. Also you have to download a BitrixSetup.php file. Go to “Instruments” – “File manager” and open your domain directory (in www folder). Press “Upload file to current folder”Закачать ISPmanager select the distribution file and click “Ok”. Download BitrixSetup.php file to web hosting, too.

Установка 1С-Битрикс на хостинг

3. Check the location of 1C-Bitrix CMS distribution and PHP installer.

4. Go to “World Wide Web” -> “WWW domain” in the control panel. Setup the domain parameters with the double click. Type “index.php” (without the quotes) in the “Index page” field and specify the encoding (the same as for the database, utf8 by default).

Установка 1С-Битрикс на хостинг

5. Тo install 1C-Bitrix CMS to web hosting open http://your_domain/

Then you have to specify the user data and the database that we previously created (Paragraph 1.). The address of the database server on web hosting is localhost.

Установка 1С-Битрикс на хостинг

6.The next step will be a test of long running operations.

Установка 1С-Битрикс на хостинг

When 1C-Bitrix installation is completed you will see the data necessary to enter the administrative part of your website:

Установка 1С-Битрикс на хостинг

The selected template will be displayed on your website on a direct link. You may fill it with the content now. To do it log in to the administrative part of the website control Panel using http://your_domain_name/admin link. We recommend to change the password to complicated one after logging in to the control panel to avoid hacking the website.

To activate a license enter the license key in the control panel (Service – License Activation tab).

If you have any further questions you may contact our support team via online chat or email: [email protected] We are always pleased to help You.

Good luck!