Wordpress installation will take absolutely no time!

Step 1. Add a domain

    1. Click Domain names under Main Features.DS_190517_81ab34
    2. Click Add   Установка WordPress на хостинг
    3. Enter the domain name in the corresponding field.
    4. Click ОК.DS_190517_e4fb41

Step 2. Create a database

In order to work, WordPress needs a database. To create a database:

  1. Click Databases menu under the Main Features tab.DS_190517_fae74b
  2. Click Add Установка WordPress на хостинг.
  3. Enter the name of the new database
  4. Choose the encoding. Usually it’s utf-8.
  5. Enter the username and password
    1. Make sure to save the password.DS_190517_8dc252

Step 3. Download the installation files

  1. Go to WordPress.org and click Download WordPress 4.7.5.
  2. Save the file on your PC.

Now you need to upload and extract the files.

  1. Go back to ISPmanager.
  2. Click File manager in the Main features tab.DS_190517_aeb8aa
  3. Go to the folder  www/your_domain_name/.
  4. Click Upload DS_190517_13af71
  5. Choose the file you’ve downloaded earlier and click OK.DS_190517_1d70e2
  6. Click on the new file.DS_190517_0c84ca
  7. Click Extract 
  8. Open the wordpress folder.
  9. Press Ctrl+Shift+A to select all files and folders.
  10. Click Copy DS_190517_c28bdd.
  11. Click on the folder with your domain name.DS_190517_e38784
  12. Check the Move files box.DS_190517_29dd33
  13. Click ОК.

Step 4. Installation

    1. Open the http://your_domain_name/index.php URL to start the WordPress installation.
    2. In the new window, select your language and click Continue.
    3. You’ll see a window with the requirements for the installation. Click Let’s go!:DS_190517_570656
    4. Enter the Username, Database pasword and Database name for the database you’ve created before and click Submit:DS_190517_a33ed0
    5. Now click Run the install.DS_190517_f62dad
    6. Fill in the fields Site Title, Username, Password, Your email and click Install WordPressDS_190517_7c5674

Congratulations, you’ve installed WordPress! Click Log In on the next page to access the Dashboard of your website.