Usually the purpose of these actions is availability of one single site through several domain names..

It can be achieved in two ways:

1. Edit aliases for the main domain via ISPmanager.

If your site is hosted at our hosting and you have also registered a domain name using our service (meaning it is located on our NS records), then it is enough for you to specify a new domain name in settings. WWW domain -> The main domain of a site -> Edit -> Aliases. Specify a domain name in aliases both with www and without www.

If your domain is not parked on our NS servers, then you have to either park it on our NS servers or replace IP address in existing domain A records with IP of our hosting:

  • For server master036 IP:
  • For server master037 IP:
  • For server master038 IP:
  • For server master039 IP:
  • For server master040 IP:

In this case, your site will be opened under the domain name that was typed in the browser.

The disadvantage of this method is that all domains except for the main one are advisable to be hidden from index through robots.txt file. Otherwise the site opened under different domains will be considered by search engines as a duplicate site on the main domain. This, of course, affects a site negatively in terms of SEO.

2. Configure 301/302/303 redirects from new domains to the main domain.

No matter where a domain is parked, you are able to configure domain redirect to another URL in the. domain control panel. The instruction on how to do this can be found here: How to set up 301/302/303 redirect.

The disadvantage is that a site won’t be opened under different domain names, but there will be redirect from new domain names to the main domain. Good news is that in this case, you won’t experience problems with search engines.