1. After you get a promo code go to ordering page and choose a plan. Press “Host a website” button.
    Promo code from Unihost
  2. Specify a domain that will be added automatically to your control panel when you order web hosting. If you want to get a test domain, press .unihost.link and type the name you like. Press “Continue ordering” button.
    Promo code from Unihost
  3. You will be redirected to the cart. Press “Enter promo code” button and enter it, press “Check”. If the promo code is correct you will see your discount and the ordering price will be reduced.Press “Checkout”.
    Promo code from Unihost
  4. complete the registration procedure on our website (if you haven’t registered on our website yet). If the registration was completed earlier, just login to your account by entering email and password.
  5. Select a payment method and pay for the service.
  6. Press “Pay the bill” and do the payment.
    Congratulations! You have finished the procedure of web hosting ordering with the promo code.
  7. When your payment is credited you will receive all the access data to web hosting n your email.