Many of our clients are interested in the answer to the question: how to install ispmanager on a vps.

In fact, this is a fairly simple procedure that should not cause any particular difficulties. It is important to remember that installation of ispmanager on vps is performed using the operating system repository. Let’s consider this process step by step and as clearly as possible.

How to install ISPManager on a VPS 

How to install ispmanager 5 on vps? To start the installation, connect to the server via SSH with superuser rights, download the script.


Execute the script


Select a version you want to install: beta or release, and connect the corresponding ISPsystem repository. It will also connect other required repositories (EPEL for CentOS) and update the package cache.

Select ISPmanager and its version from the list of software products. The installation script will install the control panel and required software from the system repository.

Once the installation is complete, you can access ISPmanager at the following URL:

Url: https://server ip address:1500/ispmgr

Login: root
Password: root password

We hope the instructions were clear and you have completely figured out how to install ispmanager on the server. If you have any additional questions, please contact us by calling the contact phone numbers indicated on the website or using a special chat.