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VPS (virtual private server) is an independent part of the server that has been dedicated to a separate project. VPS can do the same operations a dedicated server can. VPS are commonly used for projects that outscale shared hosting, yet can not afford a dedicated server.

Unihost Cloud VPS advantages
  • Unlimited Traffic up to 500 Mbit/s

    Peak network capacity: 1Gbps physical servers for VPS are connected to the channel with 500 Mbps guaranteed bandwidth and the highest possible network capacity of 1 Gbps.
  • Dedicated IPv4 + 10 IPv6

    Dedicated IP addresses

    With any OpenVZ and KVM virtual server you are getting 1 dedicated IPv4 address and 10 IPv6 addresses for free. You can order extra IPv6 for free if you need them.

    An additional IPv4 address costs 1.64/mo. Please, contact our technical supports to know how many IPv4 addresses we can provide you at the moment.
  • Full control over your server

    Remote control your VPS

    Order a VPS and get an e-mail with a full root access as well as an access to SolusVM control panel in the next hour.

    Control panel provides some basic instruments for running a server, including an ability to stop it, reboot it or even reinstall everything from scratch.

    If you order KVM VPS, you also get access to VNC Remote Control. It allows you to access your server even if it's configured incorrectly or you have no SSH access. Essentially, it is a remote desktop with a graphical interface and control over input devices.
  • Free access to Name-servers

    Manage DNS records in your personal account settings at

    All owners of VPS or VDS get access to the company's Name servers. You no longer need to constantly ask your registrar and wait until they change the settings — on the Unihost name servers you have full access to DNS records.

    You can manage domains on Unihost Name-servers — и — directly from
  • Robust 24/7 Support

    Our technical support is ready to help you 24 hours per day, 7 days a week!

    Got a question? To contact technical support, you can use online chat, phone, ticket or e-mail. Our engineers answer all questions as fast as they can and even during peak hours will respond within 1-2 hours.
  • Help with website transfer

    Free management for all Unihost servers

    Basic management includes:

    • OS installation and setup;
    • VPS transfer from any other hosting and connection of virtual hard drive image;
    • Installation and setup of Linux services;
    • Antivirus check;
    • Control panel installation;
    • Free password reset on Linux systems;
    • Consultation and help with diagnosing and solving the problems.

    Basic management is free for all clients.
Cloud VPS are activated 5 minutes after the payment is processed.
Take note that sometimes it can be delayed if the buyer had not completed order verification.
OpenVZ or KVM
  • Shares its resources with the other VPS
  • Does not need to reboot to upgrade
  • Shares the OS core with other virtual servers
  • Suitable if the amount of users is stable
  • Always gets 100% of resources
  • Needs to reboot to upgrade
  • Is isolated from the other VPS
  • Suitable if the website has traffic spikes
Unihost Cloud VPS features
  • Full access to the server
    Install any OS and software you need for the project to work.
  • Managed servers
    Just create a ticket for tech support and our technicians will install the software you need*.
  • Guaranteed resources
    Get all the resources you paid for. No overselling!
  • Easy start
    Install the OS from the ready-made image in a couple of clicks from Unihost Client Area.
  • Data safety
    VPS are backed up daily and we always store two latest copies.
  • Cost-cutting solution
    VPS can do everything a dedicated server can, yet are much less pricey.

Unihost virtual servers are located in France and are connected to the all major network nodes in Europe.

Your website are available from all over the world.

VPS is not powerful enough?
Try a dedicated server!
  • Guaranteed protection from DDoS
  • Unlimited 500 Mbps bandwidth
  • 24/7 support and server management
  • 500 GB backup storage for free

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