Domain name registration

In order to register any domain name at, you need to submit an application.

Application for domain ordering is generated on the page of domain registration. Type one or several domain names you are interested in and check the zones necessary to check for possibility to register the domains.

Then click «Search».

After search is completed, you’ll see a list both available and unavailable domains for registration. Select the domains you would like to register and click «Add to cart».

You can specify a period for a domain name registration as well as indicate your DNS servers if necessary. Domains are added to our DNS ( и by default. You can modify this information in your personal account after registration.

To complete an order, you will have to filli in your personal information which will be placed publicly in WHOIS. Please indicate your true data because otherwise, domain name registration or further operations (e.g. transfer, owner change) will be impossible.

At the final stage of an order, please choose a convenient method of payment, currency and pay for the order. After that, the registration usually takes up to 15 minutes. You will receive a notification at your email about domain registration and the information in your personal account will be also updated.

Please notice, that registration in .UA zone requires the number of the certificate to the appropriate brand name. Without it, domain name registration in the .UA zone is impossible. Learn more>>

Domain name renewal

The minimum period of registration of any domain is 1 year. In order to use your domain further, you should renew it at the proper time. To do this, go to your personal account, «My domains» section.

Select the domain you would like to renew and click «Renew». In the next step you will be able to choose period of renewal and then choose a convenient method of payment and currency.

After we have received a payment, a domain renewal takes about 15 minutes.

Domain name registrar change

If you want to transfer a domain to another person without changing a registrar (meaning to move domain into another’s account), you need to send a request at [email protected] and specify what domain you want to transfer and to whom (name, email, registration address with ZIP code and phone number of a new domain owner).

To verify you as a current owner of a domain, we are entitled to require copies of documents proving your identity. The request must be sent to us from the email address indicated during the registration in our system.

Transfer from another registrar to our service

To transfer a domain from your current registrar you need to submit an application on the Domain transfer page. Type a domain name or several domain names and click «Search».

Our system will check for possibility of transfer to us. If the transfer is possible, please mark the domains you would like to transfer and click «Add to cart». After you pay for a transfer, a domain will appear in your personal account.

To complete a domain transfer, you need to tell us a special authorization code that your current registrar will give you. You need to type this code in your personal account in a special field, or send us email at: [email protected].

After typing the authorization code, a domain transfer usually takes up to one working day.

Domain transfer to another registrar from us

To transfer a domain to a new registrar from us, please send a request to our Support at: [email protected], indicating what domain name you would like to transfer and to what registrar. The request must be sent from to us from the email address indicated during the registration in our system and contain a domain name, the reason for the trasnfer as well as copies of the documents proving your identity.

Please notice that if details in your personal account differ from your real ones, the transfer of a domain can be declined.

After receiving and verification of a request, we’ll tell you a special code and unblock a domain for a transfer. You need to tell this code your new registrar and then a transfer can be completed.

Early domain name deletion

According to the new rules of domain names renewal in Ukraine, each domain name is automatically renewed upon expiration for automatic renewal of the domain( Auto Renew Grace Period), which is 30 days after the actual domain expiration.

If you are not going to renew a domain, you need to go to your personal account, then «My domains» section, select a necessary one and click «Delete». After confirmation of deletion, a domain will be active until expiry of its registration. Then, a domain changes its status to Redemption Grace Period, which lasts about one month. During this period, a domain is unavailable over the Internet, but you are still able to renew it by paying the price for a domain restore (this price can differ from the usual price for a domain).

Besides that, we are entitled to require copies of documents that confirm your personal data indicated in your personal account in order to make sure it is you, a domain owner, who rejects it, but not a tresspasser who has broken into your account and is now trying to delete a domain.

If you have got any questions related to the service of domain names delegation, please feel free to contact our support. Our personnel will be glad to help you.

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