To make the maintenance of your sites on hosting easier, company provides you with special control panels.

Control panel has a handy and easier-to-use interface as any other computer program. It allows you to manage services in real time without writing to technical support. This panel will make many options available to you.

  1. Site management.You can limit access to the sites by a password. Manage SSL certificates. Edit error pages. You will also have set of scripts to create site, photo gallery or forum.
  2. Mail management.You will be able to create and delete mailboxes, set up mailing list. Mail filters, control answering machines, maillists and spam lists support will be available to you.
  3. Domain management.You will be able to create and edit DNS records, create and manage new subdomains, set up redirects, set up aliases for your site.

Data base servers support will also be available to you. You will be able to manage backups, set up Firewall as well as to view statistics on traffic and visitors of your site.

ISPmanager is one of the most useful panels.