How to choose a domain name?

How to choose a domain name?

Could not wait to get started with your own website? Perfect! It’s time to get a domain. What is it? Domain is the name of your website, which replaces long and complex digital IP address of the server. Suppose that you see a car ad and think, “That’s it! The car of my dreams!”. Then the ad suggests you to follow the carmaker website, which consists of numbers. If you are not a world champion in memorizing digits of pi number, you are unlikely to remember them all. So, for our convenience digital recording has been replaced by a literal, that, in fact, is the domain.

How to name a website?

At first glance, it is easy to choose a domain name, but it is necessary to consider a lot of factors. We have identified some of the most common rules that should be followed while choosing a domain name:

  • simple, short and catchy names. Not all people bookmark websites they visit. A lot of people just memorize the name. Obviously, long and complicated name might just strip you off a certain percentage of visitors. Even if your domain is short but not memorable, it will lead to the same effect.
  • brand name or occupation. While choosing a name, you can start from the name of a firm which owns the site, or from type of its activity. For example:,
  • search term. The name which coincides with the search term, usually gets the first position in the search engine. For example, you can choose a domain name that is the same as the query formulation. For example:,

Nowadays there are many services that can automatically generate a unique name (for example, DOTOMATOR). You will only need to choose prefix and suffix and the website will suggest various name combinations.

What are “domain extensions”?

Domain consists of three components, which are separated by dots. For example, consider The first part (looking from right to left) is called a domain extension (.com). Domain extension – is a particular segment which differs in special features (for example, according to its national identity or occupation). It can include one (such as .com) or two levels ( Domain extension is a public domain, which is required for domain registration, but it is not websites property. The domain extension is followed by the name of the site – it is a word or phrase that goes right before domain extension (“google” in this case). This is the part you have to come up with. And the last component – a subdomain, which is an optional part indicating a subsection of the resource. www – for basic sites, forum – for forums, blog – for blogs, etc.

First-level domain can be chosen only from existing ones. These are:

  • international: .org, .com, .net, .info, etc. Previously, there was a clear distinction: .org domain extension was used only for non-profit organizations, .com – for commercial, .net – for companies whose activity was related to Internet technologies. Nowadays there are no difference between commercial, non-commercial, educational websites etc. The .org, .com, .net areas has become absolutely free. If you are focused on international market, you can easily choose international domain.
  • regional: .de (Germany), .fr (France), .uk (United Kingdom), .ru (Russia). Some domain extensions have sublevels, which represents the city. For example, if you sell shoes in Munich, it is better to choose a domain name that will probably find its target audience. Your shoes web-site, in fact, is completely useless for the rest of the world.
  • new domain extensions: .business, .club, .agency, .fish and many others.

Year by year number of sites increases, thus new domain extensions appear. It becomes virtually impossible to find an unused domain in such established and “old” extensions like .com.

How can I get a domain?

In order to get a name for your site you have to refer to a special company which is engaged in domain registration. Some hosting providers also offer domain registration. In addition, many hosting companies offer a domain with no additional charges if the user decides to host with them. is not an exception as well . If you order any hosting panel for a year or more, you will get a domain as gift. If you renew hosting, the domain is being renewed free of charge. Domain Registration is available in the most popular areas. The registration process is fully automated. You only need to enter your domain name and your preferred domain extension. The system will check whether the domain is available and offer to buy it. All you have to do is to fill in a simple registration form and make the payment in any convenient way for you.



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