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HTML Step-by-Step Guide: Part 2

In the first part of our express course you’ve touched the basics of HTML: you’ve found out what are tags and what are they for. We are sure that you

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How To Create a WordPress Website

Nowadays, sales shift to the Internet. The causes of such a phenomenon are obvious. First of all, the Internet audience is almost unlimited and, secondly, with the online market there is no need to rent a store or to pay a salary to staff. But for many entrepreneurs it becomes a disaster since

Web Hosting For Your Blog: 3 Questions

Choosing web hosting for your blog can be a confusing thing, especially if you’re new to the blogging world. Surely, you Googled a lot and still can’t decide where to start. This post will guide you through some of the issues you need to think through regarding a Web Hosting.

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Step-by-step guide to make you an HTML-guru (part 1)

Let`s face it, who hasn`t pondered of being a computer whiz? You Google thoroughly, read a number of forum articles, buy programming books, read them all … and realize to your shame that you don`t understand a single word of this. Do you recognize yourself? Unfortunately, your idea of being

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How do I know I`ve chosen a good name for my domain?

Last time you chose a name for your website. We suggest you to go through a small checklist to make sure that you have chosen a perfect domain name. Do you have a unique domain name? First, it is impossible to register two identic names in the same domain extention.

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How to choose a domain name?

Could not wait to get started with your own website? Perfect! It’s time to get a domain. What is it? Domain is the name of your website, which replaces long and complex digital IP address of the server. Suppose that you see a car ad and think, “That’s it! The

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How to create your own website: 3 easy steps to begin with

Several years ago creating the website was a real problem, but today you are lucky to have a lot of tools to create a web resource easily. We wrote a beginner-friendly manual for a fast setup: spend only one hour and express yourself with your own website. Step 1 One

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Why Do You Really Need a Personal Website?

A personal website today is not a luxury, it is an urgent need. Are you interested, why? The reason is simple: you need a good job. The personal website has become one of the main conditions when applying for a job in the recent years. The website is necessary if

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5 Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic For Sure

Every website owner is interested how to increase website traffic. The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, SEO optimization, but there are also other (equally effective!) methods and techniques. 1. Social networks Social networks are the great traffic source. If your website is ready and working register

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9 Website Competitive Analysis Tools

Analysis of competitors ‘ strategies is one of the most important components of the successful Internet marketing. These 9 online tools will help you to achieve great result quickly and effectively. You will learn all about the strategies that your competitors use. SEMrush A paid service that allows you to

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How to Craft an Effective Landing Page?

Tell me what does your landing page look like, and I will tell you how successful your business is. There are a lot of discussions about landing pages among the marketers so we made a pro et contra list. Also in this article you may find tips how to structure

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Top 10 Web Resources to Learn Coding for FREE

The programmer is one of the newest and most post popular specialties. Thousands of teenagers dream to be programmists but to implement these plans is not an easy task. Britain scientists asked webmasters how they`ve studied the programming and discovered that 42% of the programmers were self-taught persons. Today we

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9 Online Tools to Generate Reliable Passwords

We create passwords for different Internet accounts every day that is why it is extremely important to make them reliable.  If you still enter the name of your favorite dog or just “123456” in the “Password” field than it`s time for you to read this article. Here are the list

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8 Simple Rules to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks

Public Wi-Fi is a symbol of happy life. If you have free Internet it is impossible not to use it, right? But you should remember: the opportunity to be all the time online may cost too much for you. Maybe not all of you know for sure what are the

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Our new builder: 3 min to create a site!

Website building is not an easy task. Even if you have a brilliant idea you need to think about lots of technical details to put it into practice. Users who decided to build their first website had to grasp programming, design, layout… A lot of them prefered to ask professional