There are several causes why HTTP 403 forbidden Error occurs:

1. Index file (index.php, index.html) is not present in domain folder. Or in the “WWW Domain” settings is mentioned the other file which is not present on a server.

2. You put the wrong permission to the folder where the requested file is or to the file itself. To fix this you have to go to: ISPmanager – File Manager – WWW – Domain folder. In the Domain folder you select the necessary folder or file and press “Attributes” button. Now it is possible to change permissions: files must be 644, folders must be 755.

3. You set permissions to some folders or files using .htaccess file. To fix this go to that directory where the requested file is, open .htaccess file, cancel all restrictions (for example, Deny from).

If you still do not find out the cause of the 403 forbidden Error send a request to our technical support: [email protected].