1. General Provisions

 1.1 Technical support is provided to customers upon request placed in the personal account or sent to e-mail: [email protected]

1.2 Communication with the sales department is provided to customers upon request placed in the personal account or sent to e-mail:  [email protected]

1.3 All other channels (phone, online chat, etc.) are not official and are of an advisory character.

1.4 Tickets are processed in the order they are received. The response time depends on the complexity of the problem and the workload of the department, but no more than 20 minutes for the first response.

1.5 One incident is equal to one request (ticket). The first message of the request should indicate a clear and full technical task, containing all the information necessary to complete the task. If the following messages contain any additions to the task, they will be equated to a new incident.

 Incident – is one customer request with a task that needs to be completed.

1.6 The administration service is bound to one main service. If a client has two servers and an administration service has been ordered for each of them, within which N incidents are provided, we can perform N incidents per month for each server. However, it is not possible to complete N + N incidents for one server in one month. Free incidents remaining at the end of the month do not move to the next month. Payment for the administration service and the expiring of the remaining incidents occur monthly on the last day of the billing cycle of the service.

1.7 A separate ticket is created for each incident.  The further solution will be delivered within the created service ticket.

1.8 The list of possible tasks is described on the Administration page, tasks which are not included in this list are negotiated individually.

2. Technical support competence

2.1 The technical support service was created to assist clients in emergency situations and to provide consulting support in matters of purchased services.

2.2 The competence of the support service does not include:

– code support

– errors search/correction in SQL queries and client scripts.

– consultations on web design, web programming, website development.

– training in the administration of dedicated servers. Answers can be provided in links to documentation for self-study.

3. Server monitoring conditions Unihost support

The server is monitored using the Zabbix monitoring system software product. The Zabbix agent is installed on the servers, which provides information to the monitoring server. Monitoring services mean 24 hours of a client’s server supervision. Unihost support team is checking the state of the server and notifying the client about problems that appear via Telegram or email.

Monitoring notification does not consume the incident. The service requires a one-time setup.

As part of monitoring, by default, the user will be notified of the following problems: Total Processes, CPU Load, RAM load, Free Space, Zombie Processes, FTP, IMAP, SSH, SMTP, PING, Swap Usage, SMART

4. Support service work hours

Round the clock, 24/7.

5.How to ask a question correctly

Before submitting a support ticket, you should study the available information on this issue in the Knowledge Base section. If the problem is similar to the situation described in the Knowledge Base but requires additional clarification, you should provide a link to the original document.

Please prepare the question. To superficial questions, you are superficial answers.