BILLmanager is installed and updated from the OS repository.

Establish SSH connection as the root user and download the script to start the installation


and execute

 sh --release beta BILLmanager-Standard

to install the alpha-version of BILLmanager-Corporate, execute the command:

sh --release alpha BILLmanager-Corporate

The installation script will connect required repositories (EPEL for CentOS), update the package cache, and install BILLmanager Standard (this is the only version available for installation).

Once completed, you can login to BILLmanager using the following access details:

Url: https://server IP address:1500/billmgr
Login: root
Password: root password

Attention: If port 443 is already in use, the billing panel can be accessed at Url: https://server ip address:1500/billmgr