This guide will show you how to change the admin password on a Windows dedicated server.

First, boot your server into rescue mode using the WinRescue boot environment. Once the server has rebooted, select the IPMI tab on your server’s page in your Client Area.

For detailed information on how to use the IPMI feature, please refer to our IPMI guide.

Next, activate the IPMI feature using either the Java applet. After the IPMI session has started, double-click the NTPWdi server tool on the WindRescue desktop.

Next, click the (Re)open button to display a list of available user accounts.

Now select the root user account from the list and click the Change password button.

Finally, enter the new password twice and then click OK.

Your password has now been changed. Exit the tool, close the IPMI session, and reboot your server back into normal mode.