Dedicated server is a type of web hosting where you are given a separate physical server with a guaranteed power supply, connected to the Internet and configured exclusively to perform your tasks.

If shared web hosting and virtual private servers(VPS) are no longer suitable for your projects, but you are still not ready to buy your own server and the cost of its upkeep is too high for you, than the dedicated sever may be your choice. Renting a dedicated server, you will be able to select individual configuration, get a technical support and constant monitoring of server status.

The main difference between renting a dedicated physical server and using a virtual web hosting service is the ability to use all resources available on the server. This resources are more powerful than resources available on the virtual hosting.

This helps to increase the stability and speed of websites, which is an important factor for people who engage in virtual Commerce or have websites with a large number of users.

Also on a dedicated server you can install only those software that is necessary for you, while virtual servers have many programs shared for other users.

A dedicated server can reduce your dependence on the web hosting provider. On a dedicated server you will be able to provide timely support to your customers, this is impossible with virtual web hosting. Fast and reliable support is essential for the development of your own server. In business the reliability data are, perhaps, one of the most effective methods of promotion.

If You are a design studio owner or a web designer, a dedicated server will allow you to maximize your profits. The studio will earn income not only through the provision of basic services, but also through the web hosting services that you can provide. When You have the access to your own dedicated server, you will be able to correct and update the client’s website in minutes, and get a refund for the web hosting in the studio, rather than pay them to a third party. As a result, the price for design services and web hosting service in the amount will be less for a customer of the studio, and the designer will get a larger number of regular customers.

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