ISPsystem announced the end of support for ISPmanager 5 control panels.

Starting from June 14, 2021, it will be impossible to order a new license or renew an existing one.

ISPmanager 6 is replacing it with a new licensing format – the price will depend on the number of sites:

  1. ISPmanager Lite – up to 10 domains (sites);
  2. ISPmanager Pro – up to 50 domains (sites);
  3. ISPmanager Host – unlimited number of domains (sites).

After the active licenses of ISPmanager 5 expire, the sites will still work, but you will no longer be able to manage them through this version of the panel. Also cron scripts will stop working. It will be possible to order a new version of ISPmanager 6 panel in June 2021.

Why will prices change? The ISPmanager control panel developer, ISPsystem, is introducing a new licensing model – now the license price depends on the number of hosted sites. For most customers, the price of a Lite license with 10 or fewer sites will change slightly. For customers with 11 or more sites, prices will change according to the current Pro and Host tariffs.

How will the transition from the fifth version to the ISPmanager 6 take place?

  1. For clients using less than 10 domains, the transition to ISPmanager 6 Lite will be free. We activate the license for the updated version of ISPmanager immediately after the current license expires.
  2. For customers using 10 to 50 domains, the active license will be replaced with ISPmanager Pro at a promotional price.
  3. For clients using more than 50 domains, the active license will be replaced with ISPmanager Host.

Instructions for updating to ISPmanager 6 are provided on the official website of the ISPsystem company:

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via live chat on the website or by mail at [email protected]