Update your Windows to the current version. Open Server Manager. Click on Manage – Add Roles and Features.

Choose role-based or Feature-based installation.

Choose a server and continue.

Choose Remote Desktop Services in the Server Roles.

Choose Role Services: Remote Desktop Licensing and Remote Desktop Session Host.

Press on next and wait for the installation to finish, reboot your server.

License activation.

In the Tools section appeared Remote Desktop Services, choose Remote Desktop Licensing Manager.

Choose your server, Right Mouse Button + Activate Server.

Installation Wizard appears.

Enter company information.

The next section can be left blank.

After activation, we can continue with license installation.

Choose a License program, in our case – Enterprise Agreement.

Enter the Agreement number.

Choose your Windows Server version, quantity, and type of RDS licenses.

Here is an example of the correct installation.

Checking for errors

In the Server Manager, Open Remote Desktop Licensing Diagnoser.

We notice a couple of errors typical for Windows Server 2019/2022. In our case, the cause of the problem is the server does not belong to the domain.

Back in the Server Manager choose the Local Server tab. Here we are copying the Name in the Computer Name cell.

Executing Run – gpedit.msc .

Local Group Policy Editor starts, in it follows this path: Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Remote Desktop Session Host -> Licensing

We need to edit two policies:

1 – Use the specified Remote Desktop license servers. Choose Enable. Enter the computer’s name.

2 – Set the Remote Desktop licensing mode. Choose Enable. Choose the type of licensing, in our case, it is Per User.

After these changes, we need to reboot the Remote Desktop Licensing Service using gpupdate /force in PowerShell as the administrator

Check for errors in the Remote Desktop Licensing Diagnoser

As you can see, the licenses were installed correctly. You can also purchase licenses for MS Windows Server and MS SQL Server from us