In this article we will tell you how to install Sentora, free open control panel with a Web interface that is easy to maintain. By the end of this tutorial we are going to have a Web server, a mailbox, and a landing page for one of your domains.


You need:

  • installed ОS Ubuntu 14.04;
  • registered domain name.

Step 1 – Sentora installation

You need to connect to your server as root user and start the installation by running the following command:

bash <(curl -L -Ss

How to install Sentora on Ubuntu 14.04

You have to select your Region and Town when the setup is over.

Use your domain name to enter the control panel or IP adress by default. Important! Do not use your main domain! Use the sub-domain you want to access Sentora panel, e.g.,

Press ENTER. Confirm the IP address of your server: your_server_ip

Check twice and press ENTER to continue.

Important: You may receive a warning:

WARNING: is not defined in your DNS!

Do not worry, we will create the DNS records in the next step. Enter Y to continue.

Installation can take some time, all the necessary components are setup on your server.

To complete the installation you will be prompted to restart the server. Press Y. After the reboot of your server connect to it again using ssh.

The panel will give you a link to login and all the necessary passwords at the end of the installation.

They will be saved in /root/passwords.txt directory by default.

Step 2 – DNS setup

Use the control panel of your domain Registrar to set up DNS. Select the domain and click Manage DNS records. If your Registrar does not support this feature, you can transfer your domain to our NS servers. To transfer your domain to our NS servers in the panel of the domain Registrar enter our NS ( and Use this manual DNS records on the domain editing when your domain is added to our NS servers.

Step 3 – Changing the administrator password

Enter the control panel to change the administrator password.

Enter in the web browser bar, you will see Sentora login screen.

How to install Sentora on Ubuntu 14.04

User name is zadmin by default. You received the password in the first step at the end of the panel installation. If you have not saved the password, you can use the command to view it:

cat /root/passwords.txt

Change your password after being logged. Click Change password in the main panel inside the information window of the account. Enter your old password, then in the field enter the new one, and then click Modify.Use your new password to log in to the control panel.

Step 4 – Build a website using Sentora control panel

We are going to create a user, a domain and info.php web page

How to install Sentora on Ubuntu 14.04

First create a group for users (select Package Manager in Reseller tab).

We choose “test” plan. Fill in the fields to create a plan. You can limit the number of domains, sub-domains, databases, FTP users, traffic etc. Press Save.

Select Manage Clients in Reseller tab.

How to install Sentora on Ubuntu 14.04

Fill in the fields to create a new user and press Save.

Try to login under a new user in control panel. To stay in Administrator account, you can open the incognito tab and enter the username and password that we set when creating.

You will see the user control panel. To create a domain go to Domain tab – select Domains.

Fill in the fields.

To create a new FTP user, go to File tab and select FTP Accounts. Fill in the fields and press Create.

Create Info.php file on the local computer using code:

<? phpinfo(); ?>

Save the file and pass it to the root directory of the website.

Open a domain and enter your domain. You will see the information about php version and active modules.