How to reduce packet loss? A server diagnostics is necessary. To make it productive you need some additional information about the server work, not only messages like “my ping is bad” or “I lost my packages” .

To know more about a problem, you should make a tracing (in both directions) a minimum of 1000 packets with mtr/WinMTR tool. Mtr can be installed through the package system in most Linux distributions. For Windows program can be downloaded from the website. The table shows the installation methods for different operating systems.

OS type OS name Installation
Linux Debian/Ubuntu apt-get install mtr-tiny
SuSE через Yast
Gentoo emerge -av mtr
Windows XP, Vista, 7

Please, follow these rules to make your tracing useful for our webmasters:

  • you have to send minimum 100 packets;
  • all tracings must be done in both directions (from the server and to the server).

Command for Linux tracing:

mtr -s 1500 -r -c 1000 -i 0.1

As usually such test takes about 5 min.

Note, that you have to avoid using flood ping for diagnostics.
Many networks consider it as an attack, and, consequently, your server can be unplugged very soon!

How to reduce packet loss: server diagnostics