1. If you are not able to log into ISPmanager web hosting control panel:

if you have forgotten your password, please, use the Password Recovery System (specify your login). You will receive a mail with a link to reset your password on registration e-mail. Enter the new password and the confirmation.

If you do not receive the e-mail write the request to restore the access to the web hosting control panelfrom (send it from the registration email to support@unihost.com).

If you have forgotten your username and password send a request from your registration email to support@unihost.com asking to restore access to the web hosting control panel.

2. If you have lost the access to your registration email but want to manage your account, or your account has been stolen or your account has been registered by a third party and you do not have the access to your website, you need to send a request from any e-mail to sales@unihost.com and explain how you had lost the access to your service/account.

You must prove that this account belongs to you. Use:

1. The certificate of the company incorporation.

2. A scan of the passport the current service/account owner.

3. A scan of the passport of the website owner. E.g., the account owner is webmaster that made a website for you (you are the website owner). In some reasons you have lost connection with him and you want to regain the access to the website. In this case you have to provide the passport of the company Director, notify that his name must be referred to in public media.

4. Pay stubs or bank checks that you payed for the services provided by our company.

5. Correspondence with the person who is the current account owner (it must be clear that you cooperate with the website owner).