My site yields several links for one and the same matter. Then “duplicate titles” (title tags) appear. How to fix it? And how to delete it from the search engine index?


To delete these links from the search engine index you should:

  1. correct the module structure of your site;
  2. close them in robots.txt;
  3. set up 404 error for any other links on your server;
  4. and only then make requests to Google and Yandex search engines to delete them from the index.

In this article we will tell how to set up 404 error dropout on your site.


An article on the site is available from the main link

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To set up 404 error you should write proper commands in the file .htaccess on hosting.

If it is required for all the pages that are located in catalogue (for example, to be 404 you should write the following:

RewriteRule treningi* [L,R=404]

If it is required to make 404 a particular page, for example, you should write the following:

RewriteRule v-pomosh-programeru/myarticle.html [L,R=404]

Also, you might set up redirects if you don’t want to make 404 all the pages. It is used to provide needless links leading to required pages.

For example, if you want the link to lead to page you should write the following in file .htaccess:

RewriteRule treningi/pervay-statiya.html [L,R=301]