Follow our recommendations and it will be clear for you how to setup a domain on web hosting. To configure the WWW domain go to “World Wide Web” menu -> “WWW domains”, select the required domain and press “Edit” button. In the menu that appears fill in the required fields:

Domain name — name of the domain that was created before.
имя домена, который был создан ранее.

Alias — a www alias will be automatically created with www, you may also add others to the corresponding field.

IP address — web hosting server IP address is used by default

E-mail of the administrator — e-mail you`ve entered will be displayed as the contact on the error pages if they occur.

Encoding — utf8 encofing is used on server by default. If you have any troubles (Cyrillic is not displayed), you need to set the cp1251 encoding.

Default page — enter the name of your main page (e.g., index.php). If you do not fill in the field index.html page will be used by default.

Autosubdomains — the function is responsible for creating subdomains by adding a folder in the corresponding directory. This reduces the time of subdomain creating.

PHP — select the PHP mode as CGI, the Cgi-bin box will be checked automatically.

SSL — if you plan to use data transfer via https, check the box and then enter the port (443 by default).

When WWW domain is created automatically a webstat-protected directory is also created. This directory is protected by login and password of the WWW domain administrator. Reports on visits to the WWW domain, which are generated during log rotation, will be placed in this directory.

Further actions depend on where you registered the domain and what NS servers you are using.

If you registered the WWW domain in Unihost and use NS records by default, you have nothing to do.

If you have another registrar and use other DNS records you have to change the settigs in ISPmanager control panel on our web hosting. Go to “Main” menu -> “Domain names”. Select the necessary domain and press “Change” button.

You have to change the “Name servers” field settings, by default there are our NS servers: and

You may check the NA addresses with your domain registrar.

Change the IP address in the A record on DNS servers to make your domain available via Internet.

Your domain will be available via Internet when the records for NS servers are updated. The NS servers update may take different time: from several minutes up to 48 hours (during this period your domain will be unavailable). It depends on the update time on DNS servers of your rgistrar and ISP.