To import/export a MySQL/MariaDB database, you will need access to a  server with MySQL/MariaDB, database name and user credentials for it.

Export the database

The mysqldump client utility performs logical backups, producing a set of SQL statements that can be executed to reproduce the original database object definitions and table data.

#  mysqldump -u username -p database_name > dump_name.sql

It will export database to SQL text files.

Import the database

To import a dump, you need to create a new database. 

– log in as root or another user.

# mysql -u root -p

– create a new database.

# mysql > CREATE DATABASE new_database;

– exit the shell by pressing CTRL+D
– import the dump

#  mysql -u username -p database_name < dump_name.sql

If the import runs successfully, you won’t get any output. If any errors occur during the process, MySQL will print them.