To install an OS from an ISO image via IP-KVM follow the instructions below.

1. Enter an IP bound to your KVM in the browser address bar (if IP-KVM is ordered temporarily, then follow the link you have got in the ticket)

2. Enter your account data and press “Login”.

Install OS from ISO image

3. Press “KVM Console” button in the main page, click on “Open in” and press “ОK”.

(if Java software is installed)


4. Accept the agreement and press “Run”.


5. Сlick on the floppy disk icon, go to the top left corner of this window and click on “Connect ISO” button.

Install OS from ISO image

6. Select the necessary ISO disc image in the browser and press “ОK”

Install OS from ISO image

7. As soon as the image is initialized press“confirm Ctrl+Alt+Delete”

Install OS from ISO image

8. During the reboot process press “F8” button intensively on your keyboard till the window with Boot-device appears, select “PupperC Virtual Disk” and press Enter on your keyboard.

9. Now you will see the standard OS installer.

Install the OS