You may set up email (send/receive email notifications) using email client, e.g., The Bat, Outlook and others, is in configuring mailbox properties.

To send emails use these settings:
SMTP-server:, where is a domain you are configuring mail client for.

Port: 25 (you may also use 250 port if the 25 port is blocked by your internet provider)

Connection: normal

Select “SMTP(RFC-2554) Authentication” and “Use the settings to receive mail (POP3/IMAP)” in the authentication settings:

Receive emails:

Email server:

Port: 110

User: [email protected], where test111 is the email name, is a domain.

Connection: normal

Authentication: normal

“Do not save the password, to request the password when the mail is received”.

Potential problem:

If you can not receive or send mail make sure that antivirus, firewall and other programs on your PC do not block SMTP and POP3 ports. If that doesn’t work and you are sure that the settings are correct, contact your ISP. It is likely that ports are blocked by your provider.