IPMI is an interface for remote manage of the server. It was designed for autonomous monitoring and control of in-built functions.

The interface works independently of the operating system on the server, so you can manage your server in case of problems. For example, using IPMI you can restart the server to restore some management functions, logging and inventory. All this is available regardless of processor, BIOS and operating system.

Using this interface you can also fix problems that prevent normal OS booting (bootloader, password recovery, OS reinstalling etc.).

To order KVM/IPMI write a request to [email protected] and specify the IP address of the server for which you want to provide KVM/IPMI. Access is provided for 3 hours from the moment it was received.

In case of successful IPMI ordering, you will receive a letter with data access:


A link to the web-interface: http://lara012.dcp-fs.hetzner.de
Login: test
Password: 1234567890

  1. Log in and click on “Click to open KVM Console”.
  2. Download a Java applet that will allow you to connect to the server via IPMI (your OS must support Java).
  3. After it starts you will see the current status of your servers.
  4. You can also set up an iso image, use the floppy disk icon to do it. Then click on “Connect ISO” and select the image you need.

IPMI is useful when you need to:

  1. restore grub boot loader;
  2. reboot OS;
  3. reset account password.