IPMI is a remote server control interface that is meant for the autonomous monitoring to manage functions that already built into the server hardware. It is commonly used to access servers without the OS or after a significant crash.
To order KVM/IPMI, you need to write an email to support@unihost.com and specify the IP address of the server you need the IPMI for.

After the order, you will receive a letter with login requisites. 


Link to the web interface: http://lara012.dcp-fs.hetzner.de
Login: test
Password: 1234567890

  1. Go to the link and log into the service.
  2. After you are logged in, click on Click to open KVM Console.
  3. You will be offered to download a Java applet, that is used to connect to the server via IPMI.
  4. Once it is launched, you will see the state of the server.
  5. In order to connect an .iso image, use the floppy drive icon. Then click on Connect .iso and pick the image you need.