When creating a web site for the first time, a lot of people keep themselves asking — why do I need web hosting?

Naturally, each novice web master knows that a site consists of a certain number of files (text, graphics, etc.) and all these files, naturally, must be stored. During the development of your future site, all files can be easily stored on the hard drive of your local computer. But what should be done so that users can visit a site via the Internet?

All you need is to host prepared files in such a place where anyone can visit your site. This place is web hosting. Company that provides with web hosting is called hosting provider. In other words, web hosting is a piece of server resources (that belongs to a web hosting provider) provided to host your web site over the Internet.

There are three main fields in the web hosting services:

  1. Shared web hosting – is a type of web hosting where many web sites physically located on the same server (or server group). This type is the most economical one, and is suitable for most small projects.
  2. Virtual dedicated server – VDS or Virtual private server – VPS – this is part of a powerful server with installed system virtualization, which distributes the server power into multiple virtual machines. More simply, a special program divides a physical server into pieces (VMs), where each one is independent. This solution allows to use all advantages and opportunities of physical server (dedicated server), combining them with attractive pricing.
  3. Dedicated server– is a type of web hosting where you are provided with a separated physical server with a guaranteed power supply, connected to the Internet and set up solely to meet your needs.

We provide our clients with all above mentioned services, but if you have read this far, you’d better start with shared web hosting.

Our company works at the web hosting market since 2007 and has a solid experience in this field. That’s why we can provide everyone with a competitive, high quality product So now we can give everyone a highly competitive and high quality product.

Choosing a shared web hosting from our company you get a huge package of advantages:

  • Optimized web hosting rates to provide with a better functionning of your sites, regardless of their number
  • Web Hosting of your sites on powerful servers with Intel® Xeon® E3-1270 v3 Quadcore Haswell processors, 32 GB ECC RAM, hard drives SATA 3 (6 Gbps) Enterprise of RAID1 class and Cloudlinux operational system
  • Dedicated web hosting of the databases of your sites on separate servers with high-performance SSD drives for maximum performance of your sites.
  • Complete set of PHP extensions need for site running
  • Experienced and responsive technical support ready to help you 24/7 and more. Here you can learn more about web hosting plans and order one of them: