Sometimes, you can’t log into your website. Even if your login and password are correct. And there can be quite a lot of causes for this:

  • There’s been an issue in the website’s database;
  • The website’s settings are wrong;
  • The website’s been hacked;
  • You have actually forgotten the password.

What to do if you can’t log into your website

  1. Write to [email protected] from the email you’d registered at to inform about the problems with your website.
    • Mention in the email/ticket that the website’s been hacked.
    • Ask to restore the backup for the date before you lost the control over the website.
  2. Once it’s done, log into the website and change the passwords:
    • For the account;
    • For the control panel (cPanel or ISPmanager);
    • For the FTP;
    • For the website administrator’s email;
    • For the databases:
      • You can also change the logins for the databases.

If you cannot complete something on this list due to whatever reason, inform the Unihost Support about it.

What to do in order to prevent being hacked in the future

If you’d been hacked before, it’s time to think about the safety:

  • Monitor the updates for your CMS and install them as soon as you can;
  • Do not install suspicious CMS plugins. Use only the official repository, if one exists;
  • Do not leave your personal data on the websites that are not protected with a SSL certificate;
  • Install a SSL certificate on your website.