To install Windows on a server in Germany using Rescue mode, please, follow the instructions below.

1. Download or create a system image for Windows.

2.Install QEMU for Windows on your working PC. (Download).

3. Create a disk image using QEMU and install Windows from the system image on it, change qemu-x86_64.bat:

qemu-img create windows.img 10240M


qemu -cdrom windows_install.iso -boot d windows.img -m 512

windows.img — name of the file which is an HDD image for your Windows OS;
10240M — size of the virtual HDD of your Windows OS (in MB);
windows_install.iso — the ISO-image file of the installation disk to your Windows OS (place it in the folder with qemu-x86_64.bat);
512 — RAM capacity for installation.

4. Send a request to [email protected] to activate rescue mode for your server.

5. When rescue is activated, connect to the server using SSH and do the following commands:

cfdisk /dev/dha

The first section is primary, the second is extended. Then:

mkfs.ntfs /dev/hda1
mkfs.ntfs /dev/hda5

6. The first section is for boot (bootable).
7. Upload the disk image with installed Windows OS, created using QEMU, on the second section of the server (NTFS). You may use any sftp-client or ftp server (for example, WinSCP).
8.Mount your image in the rescue mode system, for example, in /mnt, and copy the files of installed Windows OS on the first (boot) section:

mkdir /mnt/new
mkdir /mnt/old
mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/hda1 /mnt/new
modprobe nbd max_part=63
qemu-nbd -c /dev/nbd0 windows.img
partprobe /dev/nbd0
mount /dev/nbd0p1 /mnt/old
cp -Rp /mnt/old/* /mnt/new

9. Install ms-sys tool in rescue mode:
Download here. Create with gettext:

apt-get install gettext
make && make install

10. Fiz Windows MBR in the boot section using this tool:

/usr/local/bin/ms-sys -w /dev/hda

11. Server reboot.
12. Setup Windows using IP-KVM (to order it send a request to: [email protected]).