Transferring your site from another web hosting can be done by our employees only under the following conditions:

1. There are not less than 5 days until the end of the term of the old hosting. We do not make emergency transfers, normally site transfer is carried out during off-peak hours of technical support staff. Transfer of sites is carried out within 5 days from the date of request.

2. You are able to check the quality of transfer and all the site features. When transferring your site we guarantee the following:

  • transferred files match the original
  • transferred database matches the original, while we are allowed to change the database name without changing any data.
  • a set of PHP modules and PHP family versions match the original server from which the transfer is made
  • Permits on Files inside your home directory, the rights to php.ini, etc. correspond to the login name that belongs to the client.

The client is obliged to check out all the features of the site after the transfer and during one day can report any problems discovered. If these problems are related to the settings of the functions in the hosting control panel, we will fix them, in other cases – we will not help. We do not configure the scripts and programs, even if you are not able to configure them.

3. We are hosting technical support, we are not technical support of your site. When applying for a transfer of the site you confirm the understanding that our employees will not service your website in the future. The assistance we provide only concerns the transfer and no more. Naturally, we will continue to provide support for the server hosting the site.

4. Site transfer is provided totally for free. You can not pay us for transferring the site, or for ignoring any point of these rules. If you have specific suggestions for setting up a virtual or dedicated server you need to learn the rules of Basic Administration.

5. For transferring a site from another hosting provider you have to order and pay for a hosting, VPS or dedicated server.

6. Transfer request is sent through the Site Technical Support section or by email The request must specify the domain name, access details to the account on the old hosting or access to FTP, hosting sites archive and access to the database. When transferring site from VPS or dedicated server it is also necessary to provide the root access to it.