1. Site transfer is carried out during off-peak hours and can take up to 5 days. We do not do emergency transfers.
  2. During 24 hours after the transfer, the user has to verify the transfer and check that the following items match the ones on the original server:
    1. Files and folders in the root folder of the website;
    2. Databases (except for the name of the database, which in some cases has to be changed);
    3. PHP version and a set of PHP modules;
    4. Permits on files in the home directory, php.ini etc.
  3. If the user found issues during the verification process, they are to notify Unihost support staff immediately, by submitting a ticket from the Client Area.
  4. Unihost support staff only transfers the website. We are not the web site’s tech support and will not maintain it past this point. 
  5. Website transfer service is free only for one website.
  6. If the user has some specific suggestions for setting up a virtual or a dedicated server, they first need to learn the regulations of server management
  7. Before submitting a request for the website transfer, the user has to order and pay in full for a dedicated server.
  8. Requests for the website transfer are accepted only through the ticket system or by email address [email protected]. The request must contain the domain name, login and password to the account on the old service root access to it.