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SSL installation service from Unihost is simply:

  • You have your own SSL certificate.
  • Or you want to secure your website with a free solution.
  • Install an SSL certificate on your website according to the instructions
    Nginx with Let’s Encrypt or Apache with Let’s Encrypt
  • Need help with configuration, just to order Server Management services.

Secure your site with Unihost

  • Available for all SSL certs
  • Most server types supported
  • Saves you time and headaches
  • Support in chat and over the phone 24/7
  • Keep data secure between servers
  • Increase your Google Rankings

What is SSL certificate?

Traditional data transmission protocol on the Internet such as HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), does not provide adequate protection of the information on its way from the server to the user and vice versa.

When the connection is unprotected attackers can easily intercept data packets, change their content, or redirect to a fake server. This is the risk that the fraudsters will be able to get your personal information such as credit card data, and transactions made on behalf of its owner may be the subject of legal proceedings. To avoid special problems special protocols for securing transmitted data and digital certificates have been developed.


SSL certificate

— is a special digital certificate on your website, using an SSL certificate ensures that communication between you and your client is carried out through a secure channel using encrypted HTTPS protocol (letter “s” means Secure).

If you are engaged in e-commerce, own an online store, or receive confidential information from your clients, SSL certificate will help to ensure the highest protection of data transmission using a strong encryption algorithm. The presence of a digital certificate guarantees that the data will not be available to third parties for unauthorized viewing and editing.


Types of SSL certificates by functionality

Standard certificates. These certificates are issued for one domain name only and do not possess any special features.

Mobile certificates. Mobile devices — smartphones, tablets, etc. — often cannot use the full-scale encryption techniques. Mobile certificates use only those techniques that are definitely supported by the mobile devices.

SGC-certificates. SGC  means Server Gated Cryptography. These certificates force 128-bit encryption even on devices that do not support it by default. They are often used for online stores, banks and other resources where protection of the data transfer is more important than the website’s performance.

Wildcard certificates. These certificates allows to cover both the website and all of its subdomains by one certificate. They are more expensive, but worth it if you have a lot of subdomains. The name is derived from the wildcard symbol (*), which is placed before the domain name in the certificate.

Multi-Domain certificates. These certificates are much more expensive than the standard ones, but they are worth it on the Microsoft Exchange projects and other projects with a large amount of domains.


Server management

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