What is a DDoS Attack and Why Is It Dangerous?

What is a DDoS Attack and Why Is It Dangerous?

Every webmaster cares about the security of his website, trying to ensure an uninterrupted work of the resource. The DDoS attacks can be very harmful for the website and ruin everything that was created. Unfair competitors and envies often use this method to get their own benefits. Several years ago big corporations suffered from the DDoS attacks, today cyberterrorists pay their attention to ordinary websites. In this article we will try to understand what the DDoS attack is, why it is dangerous and how to protect the website from it.

The DDoS attack has a lot in common with the terrorist attack. Attackers block the webresource, and it becomes completely unavailable, do not respond to user requests. As a result of this attack the owner of the website makes a loss (especially important for sales pages), lose regular and potential customers (after seeing the notification that the website is unavailable users are unlikely to return again), and the website is losing in the indexation of Google search. Sometimes the website owner may even obtain specific requirements from the organizers of the attack (as usual hackers demand money for stopping the attack).

The essence of the DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service) is simple: the server receives a huge number of requests simultaneously; all of them are sent from different computers, which are placed in different countries (as usual). The server is unable to handle all requests and becomes unavailable to users.

The attacking computers are often called “zombies” because their owners are not even aware that they send destructive queries. Such machines can be infected with a Trojan horse and begin to attack, having received the corresponding command. As usual the Firewall is not able to distinguish these requests from requests of the ordinary users, and therefore does not block them.

In order not to lose your website due to the DDoS attack, it is recommended to optimize your website and configure the cache.You should also be careful choosing a web hosting company, because not of them provides anti-DDoS.

Unihost provides a reliable and powerful protection against the DDoS attacks. The company uses high quality equipment brands such as Cisco, Arbor, Tilera, so the websites hosted on this web hosting, operate smoothly even when competitors behave unfairly and dishonestly.

Two types of Anti-DDoS protection are available for the customers of Unihost:

  • standard protection against the DDoS attacks is a type of protection when 10% of the total incoming traffic to your website is constantly analyzed and, if the illegitimate traffic identified, – filter starts to analyze all the incoming traffic and only legitimate “harmless” traffic reaches client`s web resource;
  • PRO Anti-DDoS protection is a type of protection when all the incoming traffic (100%) is constantly analyzed (company guarantees the identification, selection and isolation of the illegitimate traffic in real time) and only legitimate “harmless” traffic reaches client`s web resource.

Visit our website and find out more about Unihost innovative service – hybrid Web Hosting with Anti-DDoS.


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