Full order verification Unihost.com


Verification may be required in the following cases:

Incorrectly stated target/subject of the project and the software used

In this case, you need to respond to an email about account verification, describing the project as accurately as possible. Access to the service is granted to the client only after providing the actual information.

Examples of the correct descriptions: “Internet shop of garden tools on PrestaShop”, “Megahard’s website for Joomla”, “Andreas Rosenthal’s photo gallery on the custom CMS”, “community portal and game server for Lineage II”.

Examples of incorrect descriptions: “site for the client”, “photo gallery”, “company site”, “online store”.

Payment via a bank/credit card

In this case, it is necessary to provide a photo or a scan of both sides of each new bank card used (it is strongly recommended to hide CVV code and card number except the last 4 digits in any graphics editor). Also it is necessary to provide a scan/photo of the document confirming the identity of the cardholder.

Payment via PayPal

In this case, when you first pay with a unique PayPal account, you need to provide a screenshot that confirms the fact of payment for the service. Also, you need to provide a scan/photo of the document confirming the identity of the account holder.

A suspicion of illegal/fraudulent use of Unihost services

In this case, at the request of the verification officer, you must provide a scan/photo of the account holder’s ID. It is also necessary to describe in more detail the purposes of using the service and the list of specialized software that is used or planned to be used.

An example of a good description: “A website for selling jewelry. It is planned to use the Drupal CMS.”

Accepted Identity Documents

We accept:

  • a passport,
  • a driver’s license,
  • a personal ID.

When providing data, it is necessary that all photos clearly show the name and photo. It is allowed to hide the document number and the signature. The full name on the submitted document must match the data specified in the Unihost account.

In exceptional cases, customer verification is possible by phone call to the number indicated in the customer’s personal account.

In the event of the client’s refusing to pass the order verification procedure, Unihost reserves the right to completely block the client’s access to their services.

* Customer data is processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy.