In case of suspicion on illegal/fraudulent use of the services, the company reserves the right to demand full verification of the client’s order. Full order verification is:

  1. Confirmation of the client’s identity (accepted as scan/photo of the passport, the driving license, personal ID)*. The full name and photo have to be clearly visible. It is allowed to hide only number of the document. Full name have to coincide with those in client’s account.
  2. The detailed description of aims for which the use of services is planned. You should describe the project you are planning to host at your VPS, the use of specialized software, etc.

As an exception the client’s verification can be done by the phone call on number which is mentioned in the client’s workroom.

In case of the client’s refusal of passing the order verification, reserves the right to block the access to the services for the client completely.

* We do not share information of our customers to third parties without prior approval or in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy.