In case of making an order using anonymous payment methods or VPN services, as well as in case of suspicion of illegal/fraudulent use of services, the company reserves the right to request full client’s order verification. By full verification of the order is understood:

  1. Proof of identity of the account owner (scans/photos of passport, driver’s license and other ID documents are accepted)*. The data in the documents must match the data specified in the client’s profile on the website.
  2. Selfie with a document and paper with the current date and handwritten text “for Unihost”.
  3. A detailed description of the purposes for which the service will be used: the subject of the project with the specification of the domain (if applicable), the use of specific software, etc.

Alternative methods of order verification are:

  1. Proof of account owner’s identity using social networks (Linkedin profiles older than 1 month are accepted). Social network profile data must not have been edited after the date of account creation on website.
  2. Verification of the payer’s identity (the account balance is replenished by a minimum amount with a credit card payment, these funds are refunded upon request). The data of the payer must match the data specified in the client’s profile on the website.

In special cases, verification of the client is possible by phone call to the number provided in the client’s account or by video call.

In case the client refuses to complete order verification, reserves the right to completely block the client’s access to its services.

We process our customers’ data in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy.