After the registration of SSL-certificate, you will receive a letter on your e-mail with a zip-archive. Inside will be 2 files (or certificate and CA certificate codes as a text file, in that case you need to create the files on your own):

“” — root and intermediate certificates;
“namedomaine.crt” — certificate directly for your domain.

How to install an SSL certificate in ISPmanager

  1. In Control Panel, click the WWW tabadd_ssl
  2. Click SSL Certificates.
  3. Click Add to add a new certificate.
  4. Select Existing, when prompted for the SSL cerificate type. existing_ssl
  5. Click Next.
  6. Fill in the certificate form:
    • SSL certificate name — can be literally anything. But we recommend naming it after the domain you are using it with.
    • Certificate  — paste the certificate code found in namedomaine.crt.
    • Certificate key — paste the private key of the certificate.
    • Certificate chain — paste the root and intermediate certificates found in
  7. Click Finish. To prevent accidental operation the system will require confirmation of certificate installation.finish
  8. Go to the WWW domains.add_domain
  9. Double-click the domain needed.
  10. Check the Secure Connection (SSL) box add_ssl
  11. Select your new SSL from the list of previously installed certificates.
  12. Click OK.

Afterwards, the server will be rebooted and you will be able to access your site via HTTPS.