You need to install a component and a plugin for Joomla ERROR 404. After installing the run the plugin. To do this, go to “Extensions” -> Plugin Manager” -> System – Error404 – put the green check mark.

Go to Error 404 component, «Parametres» tab. To setup redirect to the main page match “Yes”in the line «Redirect to homepage».

If you refused to redirect to the main page, you must fill the field “Text of the error page”. In this field write the text that will intrigue visitors and invite them to go to the home page or use the Sitemap to find the necessary pages. Do not forget to insert links to the relevant pages.

If you need to display a search bar on your website in case of error 404 appearance, check the box “YES” in the field “Display the Google search”.

Note! You can monitor broken links using Joomla Error 404 component.

Over time the site will be filled with broken links, this has a negative impact on search engine rankings. This component sends an email report with transitions that were committed on broken links. This will facilitate the work to correct them. You will recieve the information who clicked on the link (the robot or the user), what was the page of transition, respectively, where is a broken link placed.

Enter a valid email address in the “Admin Email” field to receive reports from Error 404 component. Also put “YES” next to “Send a message, if found error 404”, and then save the changes.