Forgot your password for admin panel? It is not a problem. This article will help you recover your access to the administrative part of the WordPress site.

First of all, you will need access details for database. Go to phpMyAdmin and select the database needed. In this very example, it will be wordpressbd.

If you don’t remember the password to the database, then you can modify the password in database user’s configuration through hosting control panel.


Once the databse is open, the tables of this database are displayed. We need this table: wp_users. It contains logins and passwords of all users and administrator of site. The passwords are stored encrypted, in MD5 hash form. But it is not a problem either.


Go to wp_users table and click “Edit” opposite to admin record:


Then find user_pass line with the current password:


Set MD5 function in «Function» field and type new password in input field:


Click «OК».

Once all above actions are done, you can enter the admin panel using your new password.