If you want to order server administration service, please, send us a request (“Technical support” tab or -mail: [email protected]). Works only on servers ordered on the website unihost.com

The request must include list of the software that is required to install (indicating the version or “last stable”). You must also describe in detail the interaction of the already installed software for the correct settings.

If you transfer a wуbsite from another server you need to guarantee a full access to an account on this server or access to FTP, hosting an archive of the website. Also give us the login/password to the database, the admin panel of the website, etc. You must inform us which modules and scripts on this website need to be checked. For example, sending a notification when completing the order form in the online store etc.


When we receive the request about server administration, we discuss the possibility and timing of the work, we inform you and send an invoice for the appropriate amount. When paying the bill, you confirm Unihost administration works in accordance with the agreed job. Further additions to the assignment will not be accepted.

When our work is completed the administrator notifies You and asks you to confirm the correctness of performed settings. The client is obliged within 24 hours to check the settings and inform about his claims, if any, either confirm the correctness of settings. If the client within 24 hours does not respond at all, the works are considered to be
fully implemented and any claims on the quality of work will not be accepted.

After confirming the correctness of the implemented works, all further wishes to conduct settings are considered as new requests.

Server administration is a paid service.

The cost of administrator work is 20 USD per hour, minimum 1 hour.