In this tutorial we will show you how to upgrade Nagios CORE to the latest version.

Make sure you have a good backup of your existing Nagios installation and configuration files. If anything goes wrong or doesn’t work, this will allow you to rollback to your old version.

Backup Nagios Configuration

# tar -cvf /tmp/nagios_backup.tar /usr/local/nagios

Upgrade Nagios

Nagios and Apache services should be stopped.

# systemctl stop nagios httpd

The latest version you can find here

In my case, version 4.4.5 is the latest. So I will download it.

# wget

Unpack the archive.

# tar zxvf nagios-4.4.5.tar.gz && cd nagios-4.4.5

Run the Nagios Core configure script, passing the name of the group used to control external command file permissions.

# ./configure --with-command-group=nagcmd

Compile the Nagios source code.

# make all

Install the binary files.

# make install

Run Nagios and Apache services

# systemctl start nagios httpd

Verify upgrade

# /usr/local/nagios/bin/nagios -v /usr/local/nagios/etc/nagios.cfg

Nagios upgraded to latest version successfully completed. Please be reminded that the Server Administration service (basic package) is enabled by default when using our server