Server management

Our main goal is to provide the client with a comprehensive reliable IT-service!


  • One time premium incident
    • One time incident
    • The specialist starts to execute the application within 20 minutes
  • Price drop
    Premium Server Administration
    • 3 incidents per month
    • The specialist starts to execute the application within 20 minutes.
  • NEW
    Extended Server Administration
    • Premium server management
    • Dedicated monitoring service from Unihost
    • Server status notifications with Telegram bot
  • Price drop
    SSL Installation Service
    • SSL Installation Service
    • The specialist starts to execute the application within 20 minutes

What Unihost offers

Not everyone wants to stare at the terminal and setup their own server. Someone doesn’t have time to waste, others don’t have the necessary skills. Managing the server is not an easy task. Trust it to our specialists who will gladly fulfill all the tasks you set for them.

We constantly increase our production processes in order for our clients to receive the full set of IT services as a single system. We install and support the services that are necessary for the business. And for you we’ve created something more than just management.

In order to send a request, fill in the ticket with the root login and password for the server, your contact phone number and a detailed description of the task. You can see those at the bottom of the page.

You can solve several issues with a single task, but only as long as they have been submitted in a single ticket. Examples of such tasks are at the bottom of the page.

Comparison of server administration packages

  • Basic
    Premium incident
  • Incidents

  • Incidents per month



  • Incidents per month for the server with billing cycle 3 months+



  • Cost

  • The cost on Unihost provider server


    39 49 USD / month

    79 99 USD / month

  • The cost on another provider’s server

    79 99 USD / month

    149 USD / month

  • Response time

  • The specialist starts to execute the application within

    60 minutes

    20 minutes

    5 minutes (in case of prompt response)

  • Available services

  • Installing and configuring the OS

  • Transferring a project from another host

  • Install PHP extensions

  • Installing and configuring Linux services

    Limited list

  • Installing control panels

    Limited list

  • Reset Linux password

  • Reset Windows password

  • Installing OpenVPN

  • Generating and installing an SSL certificate

  • Installing services on Windows OS

  • Configuring additional IPs

  • Configuring Virtualization systems

  • Configuring the OS kernel

  • Scanning for viruses and cleaning

  • Security settings

  • OS update

  • Change system and service settings

  • Backup configuring

  • Configuring server services to improve CMS performance

  • Updating, installing CMS plug-ins

  • Setting up services after actions of third parties

  • Non-standart issues solving