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As far as websites, video content, live streaming, e-commerce and software updates are gaining their value, it’s time to use CDN.

Content Delivery Network brings your audience faster access to your content, better site availability and, as a result, works upon your business in a beneficial way. With CDN your pages are loading faster and it brings you a higher position in Google search that influences your project success.

One of the main advantages of Unihost CDN is that you can choose the right amount of uplink with unlimited traffic. With our CDN you get PoPs in Europe, North America, Latin America, , Asia (excl China) and Australia


Included in all tariffs

  • 100+ Тbps total network capacity
  • 2700+ peering partners
  • 24/7 Support

Unihost is the official partner of world famous CDN provider Stackpath and we provide the highest quality CDN service.

How does CDN work

Content Delivery Network (CDN) consists of plenty of Points of Presence (cache servers) that speed up your content delivery and are responsible for its quality for long-distance users. This Points of Presence network also minimizes the load on your origin server with your database.

With the first user’s request, the file from your origin server is downloaded to the CDN servers’ cache. With every next request of the same file, it will proceed from CDN cache servers already. Files will not be kept on CDN servers constantly as they are cached on these servers for a certain period of time which depends on the users’ requests frequency. The file will be automatically removed if the requests are not coming for a long time. After the file was removed, with the new request for the same file it will be downloaded from the origin server once again.

Cache files update depends on cache settings, by default it’s 24 hours. Every 24 hours cache servers are checking the original server files changes. If the files were changed, CDN servers will update them by the new downloading from the original server.

Advanced Features


Support for required protocols

  • HTTP/2
  • IPv6
  • HTTP
  • HLS
  • SSL

Flexible settings

  • Instant purge
  • Advanced caching settings
  • Gzip compression
  • Header Management
  • Rules for flexible file management
  • Sending raw logs
  • Limiting content loading speed

Security of content


  • Flexible access policies
  • Forced redirect to HTTPS
  • CORS headers
  • Origin validation using SSL
  • SNI support
  • Own and shared SSL certificates

Integration tools

  • Personal domain configuration
  • Origin shielding
  • API documentation

With CDN you can save up to 60% of your project costs as you don’t need to maintain the website mirrors by handling plenty of dedicated servers in different locations. Nowadays, mirroring is becoming out-dated as the content delivery technologies have moved much more forward and the traffic is getting cheaper, so mirroring is not the best solution anymore.

Ultra-fast delivery of any static content


CDN for gaming

  • Fast delivery of games anywhere in the world
  • Reducing the load of online entertainment servers during peak loads

CDN for media

  • Maintaining resource availability during traffic spikes
  • News delivery is faster than delivery of your competitors

CDN for server

  • Reducing infrastructure costs
  • Maintaining resource availability during traffic spikes
  • Ability to manage delivery via APIs and Terraform

CDN for website

  • Increase site ranking in global search
  • Transaction information protect with HTTP/2 and SSL certificates
  • Increasing customer loyalty and time spending on the website
  • Replacing of existing static links with CDN links automatically, with no need to change the code of your web resources

CDN for video and streaming

  • Organization of online broadcasts for an unlimited number of simultaneous viewers at no additional cost
  • Adaptation and delivery of Full HD, 4K, 3D and 360° video to any device
  • Providing real-time traffic statistics and analytics
  • Retransmission to social networks
  • Protection of content from unauthorized access
  • Support of HESP (High Efficiency Streaming Protocol)

CDN for images and other files

  • Faster loading of product cards and other images with Brotli and WebP
  • Faster loading of the online store in any country, handling the load on the service even during sales processes

We provide two types of CDN usage: Europe & North America and CDN in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia (excl. China) and Australia.

Better user experience

Once you’ve decided to go with CDN, it doesn’t matter anymore from which part of the world your users are accessing the website. The origin server may be located in London and your customers can get the fastest access to your website wherever they are. The data delivery with CDN will be supremely fast.


Improved security

Unihost provides CDN with the extra cyberattacks security level. To protect your core infrastructure from malicious traffic that goes with an attack, our CDN cache servers are routing them through by reducing the attack casualties. Also, by your request, we can provide WAF. If you are interested in this option, please contact us via live chat or [email protected] to get additional information.


The website rating increase

The search results calculation algorithm takes into account page loading speed that means the visiting of your website will increase and your website will gain its positions in Google search system. This indicator is the main ranking factor. The user’s behavior is quite important too, pay attention that:

  • 47% of users expect the page to be loaded within 2 seconds
  • 40% of visitors leave the page if it’s loading more that 3 seconds

The website loading speed is very important for your project, so Unihost CDN will help you to improve it.


Lower cost

With our CDN your content spreads all over the global network built with our Points of Presence, so you don’t need lots of servers located in numerous data centers all around the globe to speed up the spreading of your origin content. Suchwise your outlay will be lower while the speed of your content spreading is at its top.


24/7 support

With our CDN service we provide 24/7 customer support. You can contact Unihost Technical Support representatives via live chat, ticket system or email. It’s always a pleasure for our team to assist you when you need any kind of consultation or help.


CDN helps if your visitors are using mobile internet

CDN will be a benefit if you’re having mobile traffic on your website. Content spreads slower for mobile users, especially if they are geographically far from your origin server. While using CDN you get faster content delivery for mobile internet users too.


Personal data protection

We follow the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) to protect personal data of our customers. Our service is a guarantee that your personal data is safe and will not be shared with third parties in an illegal way.


Switching PoPs

We ensure uninterrupted operation of our CDN service with switching PoPs. If one of the PoPs in a certain location goes out of service, there is a switch to another one in the same location. This process goes automatically and doesn’t influence your data performance.


Unlimited domains

There is no specific pricing for the quantity of domains. You can use as many domains as you need for your project and their maintenance has no fee with Unihost CDN.


Content restrictions

Control your content restrictions by geography and IP. If you don’t want your website to be visible for users from certain regions, you can put limits on the site availability by blocking unwanted countries’ IPs.


CDN from Unihost

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