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  • Germany
    • Intel Core i7-4770
    • RAM: 32 GB DDR3
    • Disks: 2x 2 TB SATA HDD
    • Bandwidth: 1 Gbps Unlimited
  • Germany, Finland
    • Intel Core i7-6700
    • RAM: 64 GB DDR4
    • Disks: 2 x 512 GB NVMe SSD Customize
    • Bandwidth: 1 Gbps Unlimited
  • France, Canada
    • Intel Xeon E3-1230v6
    • RAM: 32 GB DDR4 ECC 2133MHz Up to 64 GB
    • Disk: 2x 2TB SATA HDD Customize
    • Bandwidth: 500 Mbps Unlimited

Server administration packages

  • Basic
    Premium incident
  • Incidents

  • Incidents per month



  • Incidents per month for the server with billing cycle 3 months+



  • Cost

  • The cost on Unihost provider server


    49 USD / month

    19 USD

  • The cost on another provider’s server

    99 USD / month

    49 USD

  • Response time

  • The specialist starts to execute the application within

    20 minutes

    20 minutes

    20 minutes

Protect yourself from any difficulties associated with setting up and maintaining the server. We are ready to install and support of any kind of the IT services necessary for your business. Entrusting your server to our specialists, you will be sure that everything works fine. Find out more about our services here

Software available for automatic installation on servers



  • Arch Linux latest
  • CentOS (6; 7; 8)
  • Cloud Linux 7
  • Debian (8; 9; 10)
  • Fedora latest
  • FreeBSD 11 ZFSroot
  • Gentoo latest
  • OpenSUSE latest
  • Ubuntu (16; 18; 19)
  • Xubuntu Desktop 16.04

Microsoft Windows distribution

  • Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Edition
  • Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition
  • Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Edition
  • Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition

OS + Control Panel


  • Cpanel
  • ISPmanager(Lite/Business)
  • Linux Plesk
  • DirectAdmin

Debian / Ubuntu :

  • ISPconfig3
  • Linux Plesk
  • ISPmanager(Lite/Business)


  • Citrix Xen Server 7.4
  • CoreOS latest
  • Proxmox VE 5
  • Proxmox VE 5 ZFS
  • Proxmox VE 6
  • SolusVM Master
  • SolusVM Slave
  • VMware ESXi 6.*
  • Windows Hyper-V Server 2016/2019

Advantages of renting a dedicated server from Unihost


Web-based server control

All servers can be managed from the Client Area. Reboot the server, reinstall the OS, check out the usage statistics or manage other Unihost services directly from your browser.


Server management for free

Basic management for free with every Unihost dedicated server. Also offering premium management packages with monitoring for immediate troubleshooting and preventing all possible issues in advance.


Up to 256 IP-addresses per server

Get a dedicated IP for every project on your server! Additional IPs help to prevent issues with different software and protect the server from hackers.


Painless project transfer

Our team will gladly help you to transfer the project to the Unihost server with the installation and configuration of the necessary software. You only need to write a request to [email protected]


Check spam and viruses with subsequent treatment / removal

Did you receive a complaint from the data center or is your server infected with viruses? We are ready to help you check the server for spam, malware, backdoors and viruses. In the treatment of files and the removal of malicious code.


DDoS protection for free

Protect your servers from hackers and unnecessary stress! Hardware firewall filters all malicious traffic before it even reaches the server. You won’t have to waste the server resources on the hackers and attackers!

Discounts and promo offers for Unihost servers


Control panel for free

To each server give the control panel ISPmanager 5 Lite (the usual price is $ 3 per month). ISPmanager - a full analog cPanel and allows you to manage the server without a console, through a convenient web interface.


Loyalty program

Long-term lease of a physical server has become cheaper! We give a 2.5% discount on servers with a billing cycle of 6 months and a 5% discount on servers with a billing cycle for 12 months.

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