DevOps as a Service

We lock all IT worries on ourselves, so that clients can develop without thinking about infrastructure


What DevOps as a Service can help with


Competencies that are missing in-house

While the job needs to be done, hiring a sophisticated specialist in-house could be an overkill - both money and time-wise.


Reduce time-to-market

We will do our best to get the product to market as early as possible: we will design the architecture, set up the infrastructure and help to fine-tune the application deployment processes.


Meet deadlines

There's no longer a need for your team to urgently fix unforeseen issues. - it can be delegated to us. We will launch the project in a short period of time and will always be in touch to make changes promptly.

How the work with DevOps service is structured

Conducting an audit

We examine your technology stack: the architecture of the application and the infrastructure on which it is deployed. Highlight disadvantages and advantages. And it’s FREE.


Project RoadMap

We prepare a commercial offer and define requirements. Agree on what is included in the DevOps service and what work we will perform. We align your expectations with our expertise to deliver exceptional value.


Getting to work

We actively communicate to clarify all important details. Receive frequent updates while we work. Our team includes a project manager, an architect, a team leader and a DevOps engineers.


More than just outsourcing DevOps projects


Server management

Stop wasting your time and resources on server maintenance! Just write a ticket to the Unihost support and we will do everything by ourselves. We will install the OS, services, modules and control panels, scan the server for viruses and remove them, set up the anti-spam system, write necessary Bash and Powershell scripts, structure your network and consult you on any questions related to server maintenance.


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